Get Out The Vote for Community Clinics and Health Centers!


The California General Election NEXT Tuesday, November 2nd is a crucial opportunity to make our voices heard and let elected officials know where we stand on the issues that matter to us most. Clinic advocates have been working tirelessly over the past few months to engage and educate clinic staff and patients about voting, and in these final days before the election, everyone must pitch in to Get Out The Vote!
As part of the community clinic community, there are many ways that you can encourage others to go to the polls and cast their ballots next Tuesday, November 2nd, including:
·        Adding a “Get Out And VOTE on November 2nd” message to the end of your email signature
·        Talking to co-workers, volunteers and patients at your clinic about why you think it is important to vote
·        Sending out a “VOTE TOMORROW” email reminder on November 1st  to encourage staff and volunteers at your clinic to vote
·        Helping co-workers, volunteers and patients at your clinic look up their local polling place via the link below
·        Making an announcement at staff meetings, trainings or events to remind others to vote on November 2nd
To find your local polling place, as well as view and download a sample ballot, click HERE.
To educate yourself about the issues before going to the polls, click HERE or HERE to access Voter Guides from the Secretary of State and League of Women Voters.
To learn about the key Propositions on this year’s ballot and find out how these measures affect community clinics, click HERE to view and download CCALAC’s Ballot Measure Guide.

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